Understanding and controlling common pollutants such as pollen, mold, pet dander, dust, smoke, and other contaminants can help to greatly reduce the risk of indoor health concerns. The truth is, the air indoors can be more polluted than the air outside, and breathing healthy air is critical for your longterm health. After all, you clean your hands, your food, your home, and even your car - why wouldn't you clean the air you breathe? There are many ways to improve your indoor air quality, and we are here to offer solutions for your family's home.

Media Filters

A Sigh of Relief: Take the air you breathe from "Ehh" to "Aahhh"

iWave Air Purifier

Whole home purification

Duct Cleaning                 & Sanitizing

Remove old, stagnant air,

allergens, mold, and other

impurities in the air you breathe

Duct Sealing

 a leaking duct system

has the same effect

You wouldn't leave the windows open with your system


Nexia Thermostat

Media Filters: Standard 1' filters can help protect your system from large incoming debris, but they do nothing for your indoor air quality. That's where media filters come in. These filters are more efficient, determined by their Merv Rating. The higher the Merv, the smaller the molecules it can prevent from passing into your system and into the air in your home. Merv8 filters are an economical option to help combat some of the contaminants we breathe in our every day lives.

Learn More about our Media Filters.

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iWave Air Purifier: The new iWave-R is the world's first self-cleaning, no maintenance required ionizer, created specifically for treating air in residential duct systems. The ionization process purifies supply air, killing mold, bacteria and viruses in the coil and living space, reduces allergens, smoke and static electricity, controls odors from pets, cooking, VOC chemicals, and other particles in the air without creating ozone or any harmful byproducts. The iWave-R requires NO maintenance (it really cleans itself, too!) NO replacement parts, & installs easily near the indoor fan or air handler. iWave-R comes with a 3-Year limited warranty. 

Visit iWave's website to learn more about its benefits

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Duct Cleaning: Duct Cleaning can effectively improve the

quality of your air when performed correctly. We seal off all of the

registers in the home, and hook up our special Duct Cleaning Vacuum, which uses negative pressure to remove all of the particles in the duct system including excessive dust, mold, and anything else that might be floating around in there. We also clean the supply and return registers exposed in the home. Think about all of the times you've dusted the surfaces in your home. The particles that settle in the duct system remain there - until they accumulate enough to get blown around by the air from your system, invading your home. A thorough duct cleaning once every 5-10 years is recommended to prevent excessive buildup and potential contamination of your home. Furthermore, a clean system doesn't have to work as hard, so it helps to extend the lifetime of the system.

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Duct Sanitizing: Duct Cleaning takes out all of the visible particles in your air duct system. But what about all of the not-so visible ones? Duct Sanitizing helps to remove all of the nasty non-visible particles such as mold spores and viruses that reside in your air ducts. 

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Duct Sealing: Seal the deal on your Indoor Air Quality, up your efficiency, and lower your energy bill! Up to 30% of air is wasted through leaks or cracks in duct system. That's good money spent on heating/cooling your garage, your attic, or under your home! Plus, all of that good air wasted makes it harder to heat and cool rooms, no matter what you set the thermostat at. Sealing the duct system can eliminate waste, provide better air flow throughout your home, keep contaminants out of your system and out of your air, and extend the lifetime of your system.

Here's what Energy Star has to say about Duct Sealing.

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Nexia Smart Thermostat: Setting up a Program Schedule on your thermostat can save up to 50% on your energy bills! Smart thermostats can even recognize trends in your lifestyle and adjust accordingly. Setting a schedule will lessen the runtime of your system when nobody's home, yet it will be cool or warm enough by the time you return. If your schedule suddenly changes, you can change the temperature from an app on your smart device so when you arrive home there is no more dreaded waiting for the system to do it's thing. With your approval, it can also be set up to alert your Dealer if there is an issue! It's like having a technician built in!

See more about American Standard's line of Nexia Smart Home Thermostats.

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