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We understand how devastating a sudden breakdown can be for a family. We were tired of hearing stories about the struggle of dealing with warranty companies: claims getting denied, having to wait for approvals, coverage not purchased, deductibles, warranty claim fees, subsequent homeowners not being covered, and all of the other fine print that you are forced to deal with. Even with the 10 year parts warranty through the manufacturer that you get when we register your equipment, you are still responsible for the labor. And if you skipped your maintenance, your claim could still be denied, leaving you to pay for the entire repair! We include our Lifetime Workmanship Warranty for your peace of mind, but what about the stuff that's out of our control? You already have enough on your mind, so we started to think about what we could do to help. That's how we came up with the ultimate way to protect your home and your family's comfort - with a warranty of our own! Our fully transferrable warranties cover everything that we installed - including all of the little things like accessories (the warranty companies call your thermostat an accessory!), the ductwork (if we installed it), and refrigerant for ten years after your install date. Our Platinum PLUS+ warranty even covers the maintenance so you truly have nothing to worry about! The best part - the price of our warranty is less than some of the large repairs your system will eventually need! Plus, you get to keep everything in house with a company that actually cares about YOU. Call our office for more information.


10 Year


Platinum PLUS+

10 Year

Labor &


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